Since 1994

Innovation and courage have been the cornerstones for achieving our goals in a competitive and ever changing dynamic in our Signage Industry. There have been no shortcuts in our business, other than living out our passion for the Industry which demands commitment and dedication at all times.

Client Relationship

As leaders we instil various values into our teams and being humble remains the most important of all. Arrogance and big egos need be fed all the time. In our Industry we often need to step into the shoes of a diplomat developing and managing complex relationships with many different customers.

When taking business decisions we choose solutions that fit our values, even if they are not always the easiest or cheapest options.

Innovative techniques, diversification and the quality of our products and service offerings have built a solid foundation for our business reputation and are the keys to establishing enduring customer relationships.

Management Board

Ernie Rix Executive Director As a Founding Member Ernie is an intrepid businessman who understands the Namibian business landscape and nuances. Ernie leads The Sign Shop Group of Companies by encouraging a participative EXCO and management approach whilst ensuring that the strategy is being kept on track.
Andre Bok Executive Director As a Founding Member Andre’s flair is building the business based on excellent client relationships and his unique skill to deliver exactly what clients need. Big projects are his forte and his ongoing relationships with big brands and their professional teams is what ensures they keep coming back.
Nidia Rix Executive Director Nidia sees the big picture and takes concepts to the extreme - whilst others are still contemplating. As a leading businesswoman in Namibia her extra-ordinary ability to build and motivate winning teams is unsurpassed.
Debbie Steyn Chief Financial Officer Debbie’s acute attention to detail and financial/administration understanding ensures smooth processes throughout the group. With an in-depth knowledge of processes Debbie is the perfect gatekeeper between needs and wants!
Beverly Jandrell-Uren Chief Operating Officer Currently busy with a BBA degree, Beverly understands the Namibian business environment and brings more than 20 years of experience to the Management Board.
Carl Kruger Chief Logistics Officer Overseeing the Production, Logistics and HSE with precision Carel understands the industry and what is needed to ensure our customers receive quality signage and branding.

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